(I have given it some time to think)


My name is Oren Raab and this is my web presence. Meaning, most of everything I do on the web can be accessed from here.

I am a husband and a father of two wonderful children. I guess if everything else that represents me is stripped away, I will still have these, so these are the most important.

I work as a director in the Platform team, in the R&D organization of Contentsquare. You can read more about them here if you want to.

I used to be a musician. I've recorded 4 albums and 3 EP's under the name The Marching Band, one each of which can be found here if you're interested, but I haven't recorded anything significant in over ten years and I haven't touched most of my musical instruments in a long while and for now that title is retired. I believe that this year I will be the closest in a long time to make the statement that I am working on my next album, which has already become a cliche, real, and then I'll be able to reclaim that title. I will start with one song, then five songs, and we'll see.

I also write a publication on Medium, called David Bowie Book Club, in which I write every month about one book I've read from David Bowie's list of 100 favourite books.

This website is mainly a way for whoever cares to, to follow up on what I’m currently doing, as I slowly shuffle away from the more common social networks.